Why Subscribe?

Why Subscribe?

You're likely a parent. One that's involved with their child(ren)'s education, or at least, one who wants to guide them to a successful modern career.

Maybe you realize that you don't quite know enough about technology. Or how technology will change the way we learn, work, and earn. Whether it's the emerging non-traditional education opportunities that are forming as a result of the frustration over the whole college process, to the way Generation Covid is going to change work culture, to the internet of money that will change everything as much (or more) than the internet of content did for e-commerce.

Technology is not just about using a computer to do the same job that's always been done, but creating new opportunities that are only possible because of technology.

A parent can't do that unless they have the right technical mindset... or the right coach.

I'm the right coach.

Not only am I a parent and a technologist who's spent 30 years applying technology to business problems, I'm literally also a coach. And I've been a coach for even longer than I have been a technologist.

Subscribe (in the top right corner above) and I'll share stories that will help you understand the shift that's happening; the shift that's been accelerated by the covid pandemic. I'll explore ways to help our kids learn the key skills they need to succeed as I share my journey with my own kids.