Don't Run Chrome
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Don't Run Chrome

I would think a browser is a browser. It's not. Some things work better in Chrome. But, that's not my problem. My computer has a browser, and if you want me to use your software, it needs to work in Safari or I consider it broken.
Don't Run Chrome

"We recommend using chrome" is something I used to hear from IT, and now hear from my kids' school.

It's become a signal to me for someone who is either selfish or lacks critical thinking skills (or both). I'm not a developer, a role I suspect Chrome is nicely suited for. I am someone who uses a laptop, and wants to preserve its limited battery life and memory/RAM.

Chrome is the antithesis of what I need. So, if you're telling me to use Chrome to solve the problems I'm having with your software or website, then you're only considering yourself.

That said, I've found some proof that I'm right, that Chrome's performance compared to Safari is awful. I want to preserve it somewhere I can find it again so that when someone asks me to use Chrome, I can just send them to this post.

More charts and discussion about chrome vs safari here, but it's worth highlighting the following two charts for those uninterested in clicking through:

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