About Parent Bar

About Parent Bar

The idea for the Parent Bar came to me in the summer of '20, at the height of the pandemic but before I realized how awful the winter was going to be. I kept toying with the idea of helping parents with their kids' technology... mostly about bridging the technology generation gap. Newsletters along with blogging were becoming more mainstream, and I thought maybe there's something there. I certainly have a rich perspective that others could benefit from.

Then September came and school started. Or, rather, didn't start. Then started. Then kept going for one but not the other child. After spending December home with my oldest, and shuttlilng my youngest to school, I spent January doing the opposite. And, all along the way, the technology problems my kids were experiencing were the least of it. Our kids' school really let the whole community down, and the parents paid the price.

Needless to say, I wasn't thinking, let alone writing.

Early March, I was able to marshall enough of my brain to write. Not well, but at least I committed to rebuilding my 12-year blogging habit by writing in public.

Writing is thinking, and blogging is thinking in public.

And, because I had explored Ghost for the original Parent Bar concept, I wanted to stick with it instead of Wordpress. My original blog is on WordPress, and I'll bring it over eventually... or not. (My book's website is on WordPress too.) Right now, I just want to write. Not mess with themes, or plug-ins, or anything.

I have to admit, I also want to play (with Ghost). See where it goes.

So that's what I'm doing.

I'll be writing about a few different topics. Best practices says they're not connected and it doesn't make sense to be so scattered. That's what's great about writing for me. Writing is thinking, and blogging is thinking in public. So, I'm going to think, and write about the things I care about. The things my mind can't help but chew on:

  1. Parenting and Technology
  2. Decentralized Finance (cryptocurrency / bitcoin)
  3. Ghost
  4. Random topics that catch my attention
  5. Things I find interesting to share because I know my audience and what they care about

and see if anyone cares but me.

I hope you're curious enough to follow along (and subscribe for free at the top right above, or drop me a note in the bubble on the bottom right below).


April 2, 2021